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Top 10 Ways to Use Video Brochures

1. Selling – Video brochures are perfect for sales because they peak interest and capture attention. They attract decision makers, make average salespeople great, and shorten the sales process. They also allow companies to sell without selling.

2. Fundraising – People feel inspired to give when they feel connected to a cause. Videos are proven to enhance storytelling and connect with people emotionally. Video brochures provide an ideal platform for storytelling.

3. Testimonials – Companies benefit from reviews and testimonials giving them praise. Video brochures make reviews and testimonials even more impactful because viewers can experience them in video rather than only in writing.

4. Training – Companies often need to train groups of people but sometimes find it difficult to get them all together. To avoid lost time and travel expenses, video brochures provide a perfect solution. Also, video training is sometimes more effective than live training because presenters and receivers are not always at their best.

5. Branding – Companies need consumers to remember their brand when they are looking to buy products or services. Video brochures make messages more memorable and allow companies to control how their brand is presented. That allows them to put their best foot forward in an effort to optimize the impression they create.

6. Recruiting – Video brochures help recruiters stand out above their competitors when trying to win the hearts of targeted recruits. Also, it is common for people to solicit the opinions of others when making important decisions. Video brochures make it easy for recruits to show others the opportunities they are considering, and they also make whoever the recruiter represents look first-class.

7. Marketing – Video brochures are like TV commercials, only much less expensive, and they are excellent at making a company’s message extraordinary and unforgettable.

8. Instructing – Many case studies have confirmed there is an improvement in learning when video is used. Recollection skyrockets in humans when there is a combination of audio and visual, which means people remember more of what they experience in videos versus what they only see, only read, or only hear.

9. Motivating – Videos are perfect for exciting, inspiring and motivating people. Video brochures do not require an internet connection or electricity to function, which means they can be used to motivate practically anywhere at anytime.

10. Staying Modern – People have become accustomed to watching videos for a multitude of reasons. Videos are everywhere, and people want them. Click “Staying Modern” to see 13 eye-opening stats that prove the power of video content.

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