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About Us

With Over 150 Years of Combined Experience

MediaFast Has Become A Global Network

This video is from a KSL TV interview with the owners of MediaFast

Great things have happened with MediaFast since 1991

When MediaFast was founded in 1991, Bart Howell created a business model that was unheard of at the time.  He created a network of sales, customer service, and accounting professionals who worked from home connected together through a central server.

Over the past two decades, this forward thinking model has allowed MediaFast to expand into what is now a global network. Using the highest quality resources with advanced technology and innovative ideas has helped us please customers around the world.

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How We Help Customers Succeed

Our passion for designing innovative and creative business promotional products as cost effective as possible is fueled by an extensive understanding of the manufacturing processes. We strive to create designs that give our clients impressive results and maximize their budgets by managing raw material waste, increasing manufacturing productivity and implementing “out of the box” concepts.

Three key elements for our success:

  1. We design, produce, and reinvent solutions.
  2. We’ve learned that sometimes you need to “burn the box” to create something unique and more successful.
  3. This philosophy is the framework of our company.

Key Management Personnel:

Amy Hafen

Amy Hafen


Amy Hafen is an industry professional with 19 years of experience and superb management skills. She has filled roles in customer service, accounting, general management, and sales. She is known for her ability to quickly grasp the overall situation and foresee the best course of action for each client. Under her leadership, MediaFast has grown exponentially while maintaining it’s core values.

Bill Diaz

Bill Diaz

V.P. Sales

Bill Diaz has 19 years of experience in the industry and is recognized world-wide for his knowledge and abilities. His background includes working with some of the largest replicators and digital customers in the world. Bill has enjoyed employment in Germany, Canada, and Mexico and has traveled the world working alongside many manufacturers, vendors, and clients helping them each find great success.

Lisa Taylor

Lisa Taylor

V.P. Operations

Mrs. Taylor’s career in the media industry began in 1998. She has been part of several fortune 500 companies, including Saturn Solutions, Innoveris, and DISC America. Lisa has been involved in the media creation process from the early stages to the final production of products and is well versed in the industry. Under her direction, the MediaFast customer service group possesses a wealth of knowledge to help each client.

Bart Howell

Bart Howell


Bart Howell has enjoyed a lengthy career in which he’s been productive in sales and marketing management with companies like Shell Oil, Automatic Data Processing, and SCS/Compute.  He is currently serving a volunteer mission with his wife in American Fork, Utah at an Employment Resource Center for the LDS Church. He developed the MediaFast sales model that is still used today and founded the global network that MediaFast has become. 

We are eager to craft something epic and create another solution!

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