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Video brochures are a powerful addition to any marketing campaign

To engage consumers and impress potential clients, video brochures combine audio and visual in an unforgettable package to ensure messages get remembered.

For sales, fundraising, educating, training, recruiting, branding and many other business purposes, video brochures are ideal. They can be easily distributed to targeted recipients and are exactly the cutting edge tools needed to give your company an edge over your competition.

As an example of how much video brochures enhance marketing, here is a testimonial from Troy Hall of Service King Collision Repair Centers:

“The video brochures definitely left an impression with our partners so much so that they mentioned our competitor’s presentations weren’t even close.”

For many reasons, video brochures are worth the money. They are powerful marketing tools that impress targeted recipients and present messages in the most effective way – THROUGH THE POWER OF VIDEOS.

Micro-Thin LCD Screen & Continuous Customization

MediaFast video brochures come with a micro-thin LCD screen to provide amazing clarity and resolution.

Video content can be easily changed (click here for instructions) and each unit can be recharged to ensure your video brochures continue to meet your advertising and marketing needs for an extended period of time.

If necessary, every component can be upgraded and customized to meet the specifications of your project.

At MediaFast, we only use Grade A brand new parts to ensure the highest level of quality in all of the products we sell.

Image of a MediaFast video brochure, or multiple video brochures, or video book, video in print, or lcd book, or lcd booklet, lcd media brochure, or video display book, video viewer, or monitor brochure, or TV in print for the show She's In Vogue and performer Joseph Grenny.
image of a video brochure, or multiple video brochures, or video book, video in print, or lcd book, or lcd booklet, lcd media brochure, or video display book, video viewer, or monitor brochure, or TV in print for The Team Training Institute.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Designing cost-effective video brochures is a challenge due to the creativity and wide range of materials necessary to produce them. We can assist from the very beginning to save you time and money.

Our expertise allows us to find effective solutions at prices you can afford without resources being spent on unachievable concepts. You can rely on us to help ensure you end up with an impressive product to satisfy your company’s needs.

We only use brand new, Grade A components to make products you can rely on. We’ve heard horror stories of digital marketing products made by others with recycled or refurbished parts failing at the most inopportune moments and we do not want that happening with products made by us. We value our clients, and their success matters.

We Guarantee High Quality

To begin our rigorous testing process, the functionality of each motherboard and electronic component is tested. Then each component is put through a 3 hour aging test. During assembly, the software and button functionality is tested. We then perform another 3 hour aging test followed by recharging and discharging of each battery for at least 4 hours. Then each video brochure is connected to a computer and put through a second memory check while customer provided video content is uploaded. After this, the physical appearance is checked for any cosmetic imperfections. Each button and battery is rechecked before each brochure is moved into packaging. Finally, each unit undergoes a second and final cosmetic review before being wrapped in a protective sleeve and prepared for shipment.

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Maximize your time and promotional budget using the MediaFast Video Brochure!

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