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Product packaging definitely impacts sales. Competition is strong in the marketplace, and companies benefit from having their packaging attract the eyes of consumers. Moreover, not only does it protect merchandise during transit, in stores, and while products are being used, but it also affects customer satisfaction throughout a product’s lifetime.

With so much at stake, companies are wise to place a high level of importance on product packaging and how it will affect their customers.

Five ways product packaging impacts sales

  1. Product packaging protects merchandise. Companies spend a lot of time and money on research and development for the products they offer. Some also spend valuable resources determining the best ways to market their products. However, some would benefit greatly from investing more in the packaging they use because damage occurs to merchandise during shipping, while in stores, and throughout normal use by consumers. It results in a great deal of lost revenue for some companies, and faulty packaging creates unhappy customers. There aren’t many things more frustrating for consumers than to buy a product only to have it become unusable because its packaging isn’t durable enough to withstand normal use in normal conditions until it is completely gone.
  2. Product packaging draws attention to products. Brands often sell more merchandise as a result of the product packaging they use. For example, face wash will clean a person’s face and toothpaste will clean their teeth, but when they’re standing in front of many different brands trying to figure out which one to buy, product packaging is the first thing they notice. If the packaging grabs attention and highlights its product’s value, it often creates more sales because of how much attention it receives.
  3. Product packaging reflects quality. The integrity, quality, and legitimacy of products is generally portrayed in packaging. An easy way to illustrate this is to think of a product you feel is of high quality that can be purchased in a retail store. If you’ve never used it before, would it affect your confidence in purchasing it if it comes in a plain paper bag instead of branded packaging, especially if there aren’t any details displayed about it? More than likely it would, and you’d choose an alternative option. However, when product packaging is attractive, of good integrity, and portrays a believable value proposition, the product it represents usually sells more often.
  4. Product packaging informs prospective buyers. Consumers generally appreciate companies who use messages on product packaging to inform them of facts and details about products they are thinking about buying. Accurate, trustworthy information is helpful, and awareness of what they’re buying helps consumers feel better about their choices.
  5. Product packaging offsets price. Many consumers prefer to purchase products that look pretty when displayed in their homes, especially if the items will remain visible. Many also prefer to spend money buying products from companies they feel align with their beliefs. When companies present packaging with good looks and messages reflecting favorable moral standards, sometimes consumers will spend more to buy products they believe match their tastes and values.

As these five points explain, product packaging makes a huge impact on sales and customer satisfaction. In addition, every time a potential user handles a product, how its packaging looks, feels, and performs strongly influences how they feel. It’s unavoidable, and therefore, super important.

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In today’s world, since products get purchased online more frequently and competition in retail stores is stronger than ever, the looks, feel, and performance of packaging makes a significant impact on how often products get noticed and how satisfied customers are when using them. Accordingly, packaging that is attractive, user-friendly, of good structural integrity, clearly identifies the brand, and is easy to recycle or throw away helps products sell more frequently.

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